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A few years ago I decided to start looking into making my own sourdough bread. I spent months researching what type of starter to make, flours and flour blends to use, baking methods, etc. After months of trial and error, and endless sampling from family and friends. I finally developed what I feel is the perfect recipe.

This recipe is now the standard that I use, when baking bread for my clients. It's one of the many parts of my services that is inclusive for dinner or lunch services.

Sourdough bread is one of those types of breads that takes time and patience to make, my bread is made over the course of 3 days! The yeast that leavens my bread is naturally produced from the starter that I developed and have been constantly feeding over the past few years. The yeast is naturally produced by adding water to the flour, releasing the yeasts naturally found in flour and in the environment. And just like with commercially prepared yeast, there is a window in which the yeast is most active and best used , before its ability to produce the gas that leavens the bread lessens and eventually "dies". This is why we and other bakers "feed" our starters, because at some point depending on conditions, the natural yeast will no longer be able to produce the leaving gasses.

Since I started making this bread I've developed other recipes, using Kalamata Olives, spent beer grains, and even bacon! The bacon bread is killer and has been a favorite for some of my clients. It makes awesome breakfast sandwiches .

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